“The action of delaying or postponing something”. Synonyms include dithering, stalling, temporizing.

Procrastination is a monster and he runs around with two of his best buddies, fear and doubt. Procrastination runs the group and sits at the top of the hierarchy. fear and doubt come next, but make no mistake, procrastination wields enormous power because he is a combination of his two buddies, fear and doubt. Procrastination’s primary job is to rob you of your dreams and leave your goals unattended. He loves to push fear and doubt into your mind at every opportunity, and he is tenacious! Objects at rest tend to stay at rest; and objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Procrastination hates movement and will fight it at every turn. In order to reach your goals, and live the life of your dreams you have to identify procrastination when he hijacks your mind, and defeat him. So, how do we do that? How do we slay a monster that is millions of years old, and stronger than ever? First, you have to identify him and call him out. You already know what he feels like, the words that he uses to influence you, and when he loves to show up. When this happens, we have two choices, and yes they are choices. You can either give in to him and your life continues as it always has, or you can toss him out of the room and say thank you but no thank you; I chose to grow, I chose to move forward, I chose to live the life of my dreams. I get it, not an easy thing to do, but we have some tools in our toolbox that can give you the power needed to cast him aside. Many people claim that the person leverages procrastination to get out of doing something, but it’s just the opposite. Procrastination is doing the leveraging and talking you out of doing something.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” 
― Pablo Picasso

You have something inside of you that Procrastination, fear and doubt will never have…you have the power of decision. You have the power to take action, and you are in charge. If you wish to act, nothing can stop you. But, you have to choose. Don’t wait for inspiration or motivation because Procrastination will talk you out of it every single time. You have to take massive action and have enduring focus. By taking action, inspiration and motivation will follow. Have you ever just started something and suddenly you have worked at it for hours without even realizing it? That is action creating inspiration and motivation. Action comes first, so don’t wait on it, go get it!
Take control, you are the ultimate decision maker and procrastination has no say in the matter. Sure, he will try to influence you with enticing suggestions, but the choice lies with you. Set fear aside, don’t let doubt keep you stuck. Just go, and watch your life improve right before your eyes!


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  4. How does your Procrastination Monster influence you? What are your methods to overcome Procrastination?

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1 year ago

Procrastination is by far my greatest weakness!

1 year ago

There is no better feeling that overcoming procrastination and getting done what you had planned to do!

1 year ago

Procrastination is my discipline. I however am determined not to be a procrastinator because if I put aside today for tomorrow, tomorrow may never come. It is an enemy who my demons fight with daily but i win when i prevail, succeed and accomplish. To over come procrastination is a success in and of itself. Be mindful of your expectations and allow forgiveness for when procrastination takes over.

1 year ago

How does your Procrastination Monster influence you? What are your methods to overcome Procrastination?

Ritika bedi
1 year ago

It’s was just amazing! The power under you is much more than anything! We can do what we want if we can let it go with ease and take that thing as challenge. And by making decisions with faith is much high than the fear and doubts.