The first of the two positive things that will happen when you start writing, and they may not be in this order but typically are, is you will begin to feel inspiration. Your mind begins to focus on your story and you feel a sense of accomplishment and progress. Not only have you overcome the procrastination monster, but also you are writing and building momentum. Make sure that your surroundings inspire you. Put up your favorite inspirational quotes on the walls, play music that inspires you, or read a book that will spur inspiration and your creative muse. Just start writing, anything will do even if it’s garbage. Once you take action, more often than not, inspiration will follow. These feelings of inspiration and momentum will lead to the second positive thing:

Your sense of motivation will begin to build. Action is actually the first of the three things that you begin to build upon. Taking action will foster inspiration, which breeds momentum which leads to motivation and then back to fueling action. They all complement one another but the ironic thing is that action almost always comes first. There is a belief that you must feel inspiration, (hearing your muse speaking to you), before you can sit down and write. Actually it’s the opposite. Taking action almost always sparks inspiration and motivation to keep going, and once that momentum builds, you will discover that it gets easier and easier to keep writing. The 100 words that you planned to write when you sat down, suddenly turns into 500 words before you know it. So, ignore the monster, sit down and take action. The inspiration and motivation will follow.

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  4. How does your Procrastination Monster influence you? What are your methods to overcome Procrastination?

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1 year ago

Take action! Action breeds inspiration that breeds motivation that builds momentum that feeds action! It all starts with action. Do not wait for inspiration or the “right time”. Now is the right time…ready, set, GO!

1 year ago

I just finished a couple glasses of wine. It’s amazing how some responsible consumption of alcohol can open up the creative mind. I think Hemingway was on to something.